Rely on the Raytech TR-SPY Mark III for Testing and Maintenance of Transformers

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Raytech_TR_Mark_IIIThe Raytech TR-SPY Mark III Three Phase TTR (Transformer Turns Ratio) is used in routine maintenance and acceptance testing and for investigating the core, windings, and tap changer settings of transformers for common problems, such as:  

  • Shorted turns & turn errors
  • Defective or incorrect tap settings
  • Mislabeled terminals & nameplates
  • Degradation of performance due to aging

Raytech TR-SPY Mark III features:

  • Automatic measurements of voltage, turns ratio, current, and phase displacement

  • Easy one time hook up to the transformer

  • Automatic test voltage range

  • Displays deviation from a nominal ratio

  • Simple touch screen operation

  • Graphical tap changer display

  • Tap changer interface

  • Load on test object <0.05 VA

  • Measures power transformers PTs and CTs

  • Displays % error vs. name plate value

  • Automatic phase vector detection

  • Enhanced heavy-duty protection circuitry

  • Emergency stop push button immediately turns off output

  • Internal printer

  • Data storage of over 10,000 measurements

  • Data exchange with USB-key

  • Mounted in rugged case for field-testing

Available for rent, lease, or purchase from Protec Equipment Resources.  We are here to help you with your testing equipment needs.

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