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Reliable High Current Relay Testing with the Megger MS-2 Relay Test Set

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When testing protective relays and circuit breakers, it is important to simulate the operating conditions of the device. Using a test set with not enough output current can give you false results. If you are looking for a high current test set, you might be interested in the Megger MS-2.

The Megger MS-2 is a popular test set widely used by utility companies and industrial plants because of its reliability. The MS-2 
relay test set lets you analyze the time-delay characteristics of molded case circuit breakers and motor overload relays with a rating of up to 125 Amperes. Its output current is variable and can provide short bursts of high currents up to 600 Amperes. This tester can also be used to test control panel ammeters/voltmeters and confirm the TTR of transformers. This Megger tester features a single case construction and weighs only 33 lbs. It is also tough enough to withstand the harsh conditions of field testing. Its portability and durability makes it a favorite of many engineers.

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