Reliable Electrical Test Equipment: Megger and HV Diagnostics

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With advancements in electrical industry, it is imperative that reliable electrical test equipment or test gears be used. The basic aim of a test gear is to provide knowledge about insulation or voltage of electrical devices. Thus, reliability of these tests is of utmost importance as they provide measurements for electric limits of devices.

Megger, an international brand name, is a leader in the field of testing equipment.  They have a wide variety of accessories and products needed to test electrical units, but their field of specialization is insulation test gear.

Megger meter is a device that is used to test insulation of wires by checking for resistance. It has an edge over ohmmeter, as it uses the path of least resistance to find shorts as opposed to applying voltage with an ohmmeter, which might not cause shorts to occur.
Another reputed name in electrical testing equipment is HV Diagnostics. Known for supplying reliable test equipment at affordable costs, it is an established supplier chain in Atlanta, USA.  Additionally, they also provide technical customer support for test gear for generators, cables, and motors etc.

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