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Reliable Doble Testing for Relays

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The relay test set is one of those pieces of Doble testing equipment that no toolbox can do without. By properly testing electrical systems, companies can diagnose and maintain their units while keeping them performing better and lasting longer than equipment that is left untested and neglected. Worker safety also benefits from proper Doble relay testing equipment. By ensuring that equipment is performing optimally, the risk of worker injury is lowered if not eliminated altogether.

When properly maintained, techs will also find potential overload conditions before it causes damage to expensive electrical equipment. This saves in costly repairs and downtime that affects operations and ultimately affects profits.

Two relay test kits are available to assist technicians with accurate testing – the single phase and three phase systems. Single phase relay test sets evaluate generational relays while a 3 phase unit will also perform testing for differential, distance, overvoltage and current. This advanced testing allows for location of faults that are not detectable by sight or other means so that equipment problems are detected early and repaired before they become major technical issues.

Doble relay testing sets offer reliability and quality in their testing equipment. By choosing Protec for test equipment rental, you can be assured that the relay testing equipment you choose is properly calibrated and maintained so that it performs how you expect it to right out of the box. Call us to learn how to get started today.