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Reliable Cable Testing with the HVA30 Hipot

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Cables have an important role in an electrical system. Cables carry electricity to different parts of the electrical system. If they become faulty, your equipment can malfunction or get damaged. It is a good idea to regularly assess the condition of the cables to ensure safe operation.

HV Diagnostics HVA 30 is one of the most efficient hipot testers on the market. It combines a VLF and DC hipot in one tester. This device lets you test the reliability of cable insulation using two hipot methods. Instead of dragging two devices to the test location, all you need is the HVA30.

This hipot tester can put out a test voltage of 30 kiloVolts DC or 0.1 hertz AC. It lets you conduct automatic or manual cable test sequences and store the results in its integrated storage memory. Its output voltage is a symmetrical sinusoidal to ensure accurate diagnostics. This tester is also stable at a load capacitance of up to 5 microFarad which is ideal for testing long cable installations.

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