Reliable and Trusted Tools For Testing Circuit Breakers

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A bad circuit breaker is dangerous because the electrical system can get damaged in case of an over current. Technicians should regularly check for problems in the mechanical and electrical components of the protective device to prevent problems. There are several tools to thoroughly test the reliability of circuit breakers. Here are some articles you can read about the popular tools for circuit breaker preventive maintenance.

The Features of the Vanguard DIGTMR Circuit Breaker Timer – this article discusses a circuit breaker timer that can monitor three poles simultaneously. It also has other features that help assess the mechanical characteristics of a circuit breaker.

The GE TVRMS2 Secondary Injection Tester Can Test Even Old Trip Units With No Problems – this article talks about the ability of the TVRMS2 to test old test units like the Spectra RMS, RMS-9 and the MicroVersaTrip Plus.

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