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Regular Testing with Doble Relay Test Systems Goes a Long Way

Protective relay test sets are used to test relays — from simple over-current relays to complex three-phase, microprocessor-based relays that require phase-shifting capabilities. Utilities, manufacturers and service companies use protective relay test sets for the periodic testing and maintenance of their protective relay test systems.

Relay test sets are used for all critical operational areas including transmission, distribution and generation. The test simulates different fault conditions and monitors the performance of the protective device under test. In addition to protective relays, relay test sets can be applied to small molded-case circuit breakers and motor overload relays.

Proper maintenance and regular testing go a long way in helping to keep equipment performing at optimal levels, and Doble relay test systems give electrical technicians the ability to detect problems early on, before power systems are damaged.



Doble F6150 Relay Testing System





Doble F6150e Relay Testing System





Doble F6150SV Relay Testing System



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