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Regular Power Quality Analysis Helps Prevent Problems in the Electrical System

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An electrical system with poor power quality can cause a lot of problems. Computers may lock up, transformers and motors overheat, lights flicker and electric consumption increases. It is ideal for the maintenance team to regularly assess power quality to reduce interruption of service and to prolong the operating life of equipment. 

A lot of people would say if you have degraded power quality in the electrical system, why not cut the source? Well, eliminating the source of power line harmonics can be difficult because they are the common everyday appliances we use. Switched-mode power supplies of computers, rectifiers, florescent light ballasts and heaters are some of the devices that degrade the power quality in an electrical system. To correct the problem, technicians utilize compensation banks made of capacitors and inductors. The amount of capacitance and inductance should be accurate to completely cancel out the power line harmonics.

Power quality analyzers are used to capture and measure power events. The test data is used to calculate for the compensation needed to suppress power line harmonics. These testers should have a high resolution and fast capture rate to ensure accurate measurement of power events. 

Below are the specifications of some of the popular power quality recorders on the market today. These information will help you determine the most suitable device that meets your requirements.

Dranetz PX5 Power Quality Recorder

A tester that integrates an advanced set of capabilities for power quality monitoring and analysis. The PX5 has a fast sampling rate and a 1 microsecond data capture function. The tester also has 8 channels that can simultaneously capture power events. 

Device Specifications

  •        Can capture low, medium and high frequency power transients
  •        Can characterize voltage harmonics in unbalance and non-sinusoidal electrical facilities
  •        8 channel input
  •        Clear and well-lit LCD touch screen
  •        Rugged and lightweight
  •        Independent triggering for voltage and current
  •        High-speed transient detection
  •        Can measure TID and THD up to the 63rd harmonic
  •        PC communications through USB, LAN and RS232 ports
  •        Operates on both AC and battery power
  •        Expandable memory up to 4GB
  •        Multiple language support
  •        DRAN-VIEW Software enabled
  •        Can measure power flicker as specified on IEC 61000-4-15
  •        Measures harmonics according to the IEC-61000-4-7 specifications
  •        Comes with the following accessories:

o   Voltage leads

o   Boot

o   User Manual

o   Carrying case

o   Alligator clips

o   USB card reader

o   Memory card

o   DV6 software and Trendnet USB

o   Power supply cable

Fluke 435 Power Quality Recorder

The Fluke 435 is a three phase analyzer that can help your easily troubleshoot, predict and locate power quality problems in an electrical system. The IEC Class A standards for measuring power quality and flicker are built-in to the Fluke 435, making power quality analysis easy.

Device Specifications

  •        Can measure virtually every power quality parameter
  •        0.1% accuracy makes it fully compliant to IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standard
  •        Four-channel inputs for simultaneous power event measurements
  •        AutoScaling feature scales the vertical axis to make trend analysis easier
  •        Cursor and zoom functions can be used on real-time measurements as well on offline data
  •        Power Log software lets you analyze power quality and generate reports
  •        Compliant with the stringent 600V CAT IV and 1000V CAT III safety standards
  •        Logger function records the power quality events measured
  •        Internal storage lets you store 400 parameters with 1 minute resolution up to a month
  •        Comes with the following accessories:

o   User manual

o   Test leads

o   Power supply

o   400 Amperes rigid CTs

o   Alligator clip leads

o   Optical to USB cable

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