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Regular Maintenance of Underground Cables Prevents Unexpected Repair Expenses

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Some facilities prefer using underground cables to distribute power to different parts of the system. This reduces the danger of servicing cables because it means that maintenance personnel do not need to be several feet high off the ground. It also serves as an aesthetic purpose to reduce unattractive dangling overhead wires.

Underground cables can get damaged by natural catastrophes like floods. It is important to reassess the condition of the distribution cables after floods because moisture can seep into the insulation. This can cause water treeing which degrades the insulator. It is important to spot cable defects early to help reduce the risk of damaging other components in the electrical system. Multiple component damage can be very hard to repair and is time-consuming. If you do not have enough equipment available in your facility, you should opt to rent test equipment. You can rent
AC hipot testers, insulation testers and more at minimal costs. If you are worried that you might get inaccurate results because the equipment you use is already used, many test equipment rentalcompanies offer like-new equipment that is calibrated before shipping to ensure accuracy. 

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