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Regular Maintenance Inspections To Prevent Problems Caused by Poor Grounding

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The electrical ground or earth serves as a safety feature and a return path for electrical systems. It is essential to test its integrity because it can cause problems and instability in an electrical facility. Earth testers are the tools used to measure the effectivity of the electrical ground. You might want to consider investing in one so you always have one ready for use.

Poor grounding can result to electrical shocks or presence of interference in the power line. If you are looking for a convenient ground tester, check out the 1625 earth tester from 
Fluke powertesting instruments. This tool features a convenient method of measuring ground resistance without using stakes. This lets you conduct earth tests without pulling out the grounding rod from the earth. This method uses clamps to measure ground loop resistance. You can also conduct 3-4 pole fall of potential and selective testing. This tool lets you choose the method that best suits you. It has a resistance measuring range of 0.001 Ohm to 299.9 kiloOhms. This wide resistance range is enough for most electrical ground installations.

If you need to rent test equipment, consider Protec. We offer variable rental terms and you can also purchase equipment from us. Rent tools like earth testers, circuit breaker timer test sets and more. Call us at 866-352-5550 for more details on the services we offer.