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Regular Maintenance and Testing Extends Life of Electrical Equipment

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Critical to your company’s electrical equipment and systems is the need for regular preventative maintenance and testing. Often in the course of doing business, the performance of such testing becomes neglected particularly with electrical protective devices. Because electrical codes require that overcurrent protection be provided to circuits when they reach dangerous temperatures in the insulation and core of conductors, circuit breakers must be used in order to accomplish this protective measure. Without maintaining these breakers properly, they will fail about half the time.

Companies must make sure that those who run the electrical equipment are properly trained in maintaining and testing it. OSHA requirements mandate that all personnel be familiar with how to operate machinery along with any hazards that come with using it. In addition, employee’s ability to maintain the electrical test equipment will ensure safety of employees and continued reliability when using the equipment.

Megger test equipment such as a low resistance ohmmeter can effectively test circuit breakers while Doble test performance will identify electrical apparatus that is in need of attention or repair. By routinely performing maintenance on your systems, your company will have safe and reliable service for many years to come. We have a large selection of testing equipment to make sure your electrical systems are checked and diagnosed properly. Submit your inquiry online to receive information about our equipment rental programs.