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Reduce Wasted Power in Your Electrical System by Fixing Bad Terminal Connections

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After several years of continuous operation, terminal connections in the electrical system will corrode or weaken. When this happens, there will be significant power losses in the power system. This can also be dangerous because the high resistance of the junction won’t be able to carry high currents. This causes it to overheat and eventually fail. 

It is important for the maintenance team to keep the electrical facility optimized to reduce wasted power and prevent the hassle of power failures. Most terminal connections are firmly connected by a bolt or clamps. However, the junction can corrode due to moisture and the thermal cycling an electrical component undergoes. Most technicians use a 
DLRO to measure the junction resistance of the connection. If rust forms or other foreign substances are in the junction, the resistance increases and makes it less effective in carrying current. 

If you are planning to invest in a digital low resistance Ohmmeter, you might want to check out aMegger DLRO. Megger offers a line of DLROs that offer low and high current outputs for various low resistance measurements. You can rent one from Protec for you to decide what’s the best model that meets your needs.