Reduce the Dangers of Exploratory Digging with the Amprobe AT-3000 Underground Cable Locator

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Exploratory digging of underground cable utilities is dangerous especially if you are unsure of the exact location. You can put yourself at risk of getting electrocuted or even damaging the cable installation. You should have a good cable locator to accurately spot the exact location of the cables.

If you are looking for a good cable locator to add to your 
cable testing equipment, you might be interested in the Amprobe AT-3000. This locator allows you to pinpoint exactly where the cables are whether they are energized or deenergized. It can accurately find cables buried up to 10 feet. It features an advanced digital signal processing system to reject electrical interference from overhead cables and other noises. It also features Real Sound Technology to help you discern background electrical noise from the sound coming from the underground cables.

If you want to try out the Amprobe AT-3000, rent one from Protec. We are a reliable provider of low and high voltage electrical test equipment. Get the equipment you need and enjoy affordable rental rates. Contact us today for details on how to rent the Amprobe AT-3000 cable locator.