Reduce Repair Costs and Save Time by Using a Cable Fault Locator

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Underground cables were usually difficult to service because of the risk of possible damage during unearthing and the effort needed to complete the task. With the advancement of technology in electrical diagnostics, technicians can now locate and easily troubleshoot buried cables without unearthing them first. This saves time and effort because the fault is prelocated and minimal digging is needed. There are several cable defect locators that offer convenient and fast cable troubleshooting. You might want to consider investing in some equipment to save you labor costs and time.

One of the most convenient and reliable cable fault locators is the time domain reflectometer. This
cable fault locator allows you to prelocate and the fault and determine the exact location of the defect. This test is very simple and you can determine the results within minutes. You can then use a cable tracer to trace the cable lay-out and determine where to dig for the repair. With these cable test equipment, you can get the service back immediately and minimize repair costs.

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