Reduce Power Line Harmonics for a Better Efficiency

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Harmonics in the power line are actually produced by the equipment attached to the system. The common sources of harmonics are ballasts, switched-mode power supplies and fluorescent lights. These non-linear devices causes power line distortion and results to several harmonics of the fundamental frequency.

When the power line is full of voltage variations and harmonics, the equipment attached tends to draw more power than what is needed. Also, equipment like transformers and motors generate eddy currents which causes internal heating. This continued heating can eventually cause failure. Harmonics are also radiated throughout the electrical system as electromagnetic interference. EMI causes sensitive equipment like computers, cellphones and medical equipment to malfunction or lock-up.

Power quality analyzers are the tools used by technicians to determine and breakdown the amount of distortion present in the power line. Together with other electrical test equipment, technicians can then have an idea on how to compensate for the system distortion.

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