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Reduce Electrical Issues Caused by Bad Power Quality with the Fluke 435 Analyzer

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Bad power quality not only reduces the efficiency of the electrical line but also accelerates the deterioration of the equipment attached. Motors, transformers and sensitive electronic equipment are put under severe electrical stress. If the power quality is not corrected, the electrical system and equipment may eventually fail.

Power quality analyzers can help in measuring the type and amount of distortion present in the electrical system. The results are then used to formulate for the optimal conditioning of the power line. One of the popular analyzers today is the Fluke 435 Power Quality Analyzer. This device can measure dips, swells, unbalance, inrush, flicker, harmonics and other forms of power distortion in single and three phase electrical systems. It can simultaneously measure three phases at 200 kS/s on each channel. It lets you use zoom, cursor and other tools for in-depth analysis of test results and trends. It also features Fluke’s Unified Power Measurement for calculating the fiscal cost of energy loss due to power quality problems.

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