Reduce Electrical Insulation Problems with the M4000 Doble Power Factor Tester

Doble-M4000.jpgPower factor measurement is an effective testing method for determining the reliability of insulators. This test helps reduce faulty electrical components from being commissioned. Bad parts can cause severe damage to your electrical system. This results to added expenses for labor costs on repairs and equipment replacements.

The Doble M4000 M4100 Power Factor Insulation Analyzer is the workhorse for insulation testing because of its reliability and flexible testing options. With 12 kiloVolts output test voltage, it has sufficient power to spot defects on most insulators in the electrical system. It has a current output of 300 milliAmperes which is perfect for simulating in-operation conditions. You can also accurately measure tan delta and capacitance with this tool. Aside from these testing options, it has optional test modules to extend its measuring capabilities. You can attach OTCs, capacitor bank testers and leakage reactance modules. This Doble M4000 has the capability to recalibrate itself and verify its calibration without the help of other tools. This makes it ideal for field troubleshooting and industrial applications.

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