Reduce Downtime and Repeated Battery Discharges With the Megger BITE 2P

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Batteries are important devices, commonly found in substations and other industrial facilities, powering equipment during power failures and during preventive maintenance. Testing a battery to find out if it can still hold a charge is not enough, the electrochemical characteristics of a battery need to be checked, and therefore an impedance test must be conducted.

To properly measure battery impedance, the tester passes a low voltage AC through the battery. The RLC characteristics of the battery components determine the amount of AC current that can go through it. Ideally, the battery should have low impedance. A high impedance means that the battery components are deteriorating.

Megger_BITE 2PThe Megger BITE 2P Battery Impedance Test Set can assess the health of lead-acid batteries with a power capacity of 2000 Ah. It not only measures battery impedance but can also evaluate cell voltage, float & ripple currents and interconnection resistance. The Megger BITE 2P meets the specifications outlined in the IEEE 450, 1106 and 1188. This Megger meter also includes the PowerDB LITE software for accurate and comprehensive diagnostics.

Unlike load cycle testing that involves substantial downtime and repeated discharges, using the Megger BITE 2P require no battery discharge, nor does it stress the battery in any way compared to other techniques. With a test time of less than 20 seconds for each cell and intercell connector, one person can easily, quickly, and precisely measure internal cell impedance, dc terminal voltage and intercell connection resistance without taking the battery system off line.

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