Reduce Costs on Repairs and Replacement With Regular Motor Maintenance

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Industrial motors often operate for long periods of time which make them prone to damage. It is essential to maintain them to reduce the hassle and the costs of buying a new one. A poorly maintained motor can also cause overheating and may damage your electrical system.

Motors like ventilation or water pumps have important roles in an industrial facility. Defects like poor insulation, weakened terminal connections and partial winding shorts can cause the motor to draw more power and overheat. Maintenance personnel should regularly test motors if they are still within their rating. This also helps spot problems that are just about to start so you can immediately fix the problem before it gets worse. If you are worried about the costs of investing in new test equipment, you might want to consider renting instead. You can get a 
DLRO or a hipot tester at a fraction of the cost of new tools. This can save you money on maintenance expenses and you can still carry out diagnostic checks.

Protec has a vast selection of test equipment to cater to your needs. Get the high voltage test equipment you need at rates that will easily fit your budget. Contact us for a rental estimate on the tools you plan to rent.