Raytech WR50-12 Designed for Highly Accurate Testing

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Winding resistance measurements in transformers are in important for the following purposes:

1. Calculations of the I2R component of conductor losses

2. Calculation of winding temperature at the end of a temperature test cycle

3. As a base for assessing possible damage in the field

Transformers are subject to vibration. Problems or faults occur due to poor design, assembly, handling, poor environments, overloading or poor maintenance. Measuring the resistance of the windings assures that the connections are correct and the resistance measurements indicates that there are no severe mismatches or opens. Many transformers have taps built into them. These taps allow ratio to be increased or decreased by fractions of a percent. Any of the ratio changes involve a mechanical movement of a contact from one position to another. These tap changes will also be checked during a winding resistance test. 

Raytech WR50-12 Two Channel Winding Resistance Test SetRaytech WR50-12 Digital Winding Resistance Meter is designed for a high degree of accuracy for the measurement of very low resistance of inductive loads. 

One of the most lightweight systems available,  Raytech WR50-12 offers a newly designed technique of measurement incorporating a high precision measurement circuit, a unique power source and the fastest discharge unit on market, allowing precise measurements to 50 A.

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