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Raytech Products are Reliable, Rugged and Accurate

As world leader in the design and manufacturing of precision electronic measuring instruments and systems, Raytech USA provides today’s market with reliable, rugged, and accurate products.

Raytech USA instruments are used for maintenance and acceptance testing of electrical high voltage apparatus. The unique design approach of the engineering team at Raytech USA has resulted in the development of highly regarded measuring instruments which have set new standards in the electrical testing industry. Thoughtful consideration in the design process has resulted in test equipment that is very easy to operate, has a very high accuracy, and is extremely durable. Raytech USA‘s portable instruments are housed in durable and rugged cases designed to withstand shocks, vibration, and mishandling associated with factory and field-testing.

 Raytech WR14 15 Amp Winding Resistance MeterRaytech WR14

The Raytech WR14 tests transformers and rotating machine windings and performs low-current resistance measurements on connections, contacts and control circuits.


Raytech WR50-12 Two Channel Winding Resistance Test


Raytech WR50-12

The Raytech WR50-12 offers a simple one-button core demagnetization feature that can be used following a DC winding resistance test, or at any time. 





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