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Raytech Micro Centurion II 200A a Precision Micro Ohm Meter You Can Rely On

Micro ohm meters are devices that allow technicians to accurately measure junction resistance of conductors like circuit breaker contacts, bus bar connections and electrical terminals.

Micro Ohm Meter utilizes a double Kelvin bridge input to isolate lead resistance for accurate resistance measurement. It measures very low resistance by applying a current of at least 10 Amperes to the test sample. The voltage drop that develops across the sample is measured and the tester automatically computes the resistance using the formula for Ohm’s law.

Raytech Micro Centurion II 200A Automatic Digital Low Resistance OhmmeterRaytech Micro Centurion II 200A Precision Micro Ohm Meter accurately measures extremely low resistance from .01 μΩ up to 5 Ω.

Raytech Micro Centurion II 200A Precision Micro Ohm Meter features:
• Adjustable output current 10, 20, 50, 100 and 100 Amperes
• 100 to 250 Volts AC input
• Automated range selection and polarity reversal
• Internal storage allows you to save up to 2000 measurements so you can retrieve them later
• Microprocessor-controlled for excellent accuracy and speed
• Ultra-pure DC output fir excellent accuracy
• LCD screen with backlight
• Parallel and RS232 serial interface
• Automatic power off function
• Integrated thermal printer for instant printing of results
• Can be used together with the WR50 winding resistance meter

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