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Raytech DLRO for Fault and Resistance Testing

Raytech Micro Centurion II MC2 200A Precision Micro Ohm MeterDetecting high resistance connections in and between electrical circuits such as bonding and contact resistance can be quick and easy with a low resistance ohmmeter. The digital microhmmeter will enable users to identify high resistance electrical connections and perhaps avoid the undesirable consequences that they could lead to, if left undetected.  

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Reliable testing equipment such as Raytech Microhmmeter models can make the difference in keeping systems running optimally and also prevent potential injury to workers. The following are three popular models of microhmmeter units manufactured by Raytech and available for rental from Protec.

Raytech Micro Centurion II MC2 200A Precision Micro Ohm Meter

The Raytech Micro Centurion provides automatic, digital measurements using an output current range of 10A to 200A. With highly precise measurement from .01µΩ to 5Ω, the portable, waterproof unit can store up to 2,000 test results in addition to incorporating a built in thermal printer print for hard copy documentation of those test results.

Raytech Micro Junior 10A Precision Micro Ohm Meter

With the Raytech Micro Junior, users have 10 amps of output current with the ability to perform 2,000 tests on this ruggedly portable system. The fully automatic tester measures a range of 0.1µΩ to 400 kΩ.


Raytech Micro Junior 2 10A Precision Micro Ohm Meter

The newer version of the Micro Junior 2, this DLRO offers both forward and reverse measurements along with an optional winding resistance external supply to extend its testing applications. The Micro Junior 2 features the same waterproof, durable case and built in printer for on site printing as needed. 

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published November, 2011 and has been updated freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.