Quite the adventure…

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Moving from Texas to New Jersey has been quite the adventure.  We came here expecting the cold, snow, ice and the occasional Nor’easter.  We thought we had finally left the hurricanes in Texas.  Little did we know that just a few months into this and we would be hit with a hurricane and Nor’easter back to back.  Lucky for us, or not, we have made it through several hurricanes.  We were able to prepare our families for what was about to occur.  We forget that this area is not as well prepared for hurricanes as the Gulf Coast.  Truth be told I do not know if anyone is ever really prepared. 

Our office is located in Little Ferry, NJ along the Hackensack River.  On a typical day we can sit in our office and see the tide come in and go out.  The geese are paddling around and the occasional boat sails up and down the river.  That peaceful scene turned into an ugly mess when Sandy came in and pushed the river all over Little Ferry and Moonachie.   Here is a picture of our office complex after the water had receded several feet and we could get close enough to take a picture.












We were very fortunate not to have water in our office. The streets were flooded so it made it very difficult to get into our facility for days.

Before the storm hit we were able to position our inventory to be as readily available as possible. We had equipment shipping in from our Dallas and Chicago offices daily. Unfortunately, we did not have electricity in our office for days or gas for our generators.  However, we were able to develop work around processes to counter the lack of electricity. 

Since we are new to this area Sandy provided Protec and opportunity to show customers what we do every day, provide extreme service.  You hear about extreme service but we actual put it into action.  We were able to meet customers on the weekends, late at night, early in the morning whenever they needed us.  We have delivered and picked up equipment all over the tri-state area.  We were able to deliver supplies, not just our equipment, for customers from one job site to another just because they needed some help.   

During times of crisis it is easy to pull together and bring out the best in one another.  What we try to do is bring out the best everyday not just in times of crises.  We always want to do what is right and be actual partners with our customers and vendors. 

For all of you who utilized our New Jersey office during the recent crisis I want to say thank you for putting your trust in us.  Those that did not take advantage of our local inventory I hope you will give us a chance to show you what a partner is and what extreme service looks like.