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Quickly Identify Power Quality Issues with the 43B Fluke Power Quality Analyzer

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Motors burning out, false tripping of circuit breakers, overheating distribution transformers and erratic operation of electronic devices are some of the problems caused by bad power quality. These problems can result in expenses on repairs, labor and equipment replacements. With the help of power quality analyzers, you can quickly identify the cause of the power quality issue in order to determine the proper compensation needed in the power line.

The 43B Fluke Power Quality Analyzer is a powerful solution optimized for industrial applications. Since its frequency range is from 10 up to 400 Hertz, this tester is also suitable for marine, railway and aviation applications. The 43B also integrates other functions like a multimeter, 20 MHz oscilloscope and a data recorder. This versatile tester is a great addition to your electrical testers. Below are some of the other features of the Fluke 43B Power Quality Analyzer.

  •        Measures voltage, current, power, power factor and harmonics up to the 51st
  •        Can measure motor inrush current
  •        Utilizes cursors for data analysis
  •        Dual-channel oscilloscope up to 20 MHz
  •        Measures resistance, capacitance, continuity and test diodes
  •        Allows you to measure temperature when used together with an optional Fluke temperature probe
  •        Easy to use and portable

Protec offers the Fluke 43B for rent, lease or purchase. Please contact us at 1-866-352-5550 for a quotation.