Quick and Easy Phase Identification with The Amprobe PRM-1 Phase Sequence Indicator

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Three phase equipment should be hooked up in the correct manner to ensure proper operation. If you mistakenly hooked a motor in wrong phases, it may not spin or get damaged. If you are looking for a tool to verify the phases of three phase systems, consider checking out the Amprobe PRM-1 Phase Sequence Indicator.

This tool lets you determine the correct phase of three phase electrical systems and the winding sequence of motors. You also do not need to swap the test leads to run different tests. The test leads can run both motor and power line phase sequence identification. It is simple to use because you just connect the leads and press a button. It has status LEDs that indicate the phase, red for phase loss or reverse and green for normal phase connection. It is powered by a 9 Volt alkaline battery which lets you carry it anywhere. This makes it suitable for field applications and is a good complement to your other 
electrical test equipment.

Rent one now from Protec Equipment Resources and make phase sequence identification easier. We also carry other diagnostic tools from notable brands like Siemens, AEMC and Metrel Test Instruments. Contact us today if you have queries about our services.