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Quick and Easy Cable Fault Location Using a Time Domain Reflectometer

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Cables are constantly exposed to the elements which slowly deteriorates them. This causes defects which if not addressed, can result in serious problems in the electrical facility. Cable faults can be difficult to find especially on long installations. How are you going to find cable faults without too much time and effort invested? Consider using a time domain reflectometer or a TDR.

A TDR is an efficient cable fault locator that allows you to find faults within seconds. It works like a radar by sending out a pulse and timing the return of the echo. A cable in good condition has a uniform impedance. If a pulse is sent through the good cable, the pulse will just die out at the end. However, if there is a fault, there will be a localized impedance change. This device is a good complement for other cable testing equipment like hipots and insulation testers.

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