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Protective Relay Testing With the Best Equipment

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What are protective relays?

Relays are devices that are usually found in high voltage or medium voltage power systems. The main function of these relays is to isolate a faulty section at the same time ensuring that healthy sections undergo minimum interruption.

Why is it important to test protective relays?
Relays help in reducing the cost of damage to imperfect sections. With continued usage, defects may crop up in the relay such as contamination with carbon particle or it may start getting deteriorated. To ensure maximum efficiency and reduce the costs, it is essential that the relay should be healthy and in proper working order. Hence, checking of the relay behavior on frequent intervals with electrical test equipment is very important.

Equipment for protective relay testing
With the developing technology, relay testing equipment has also developed. Now microprocessor relays can be tested with a variety of computer aided testing systems available today. Doble relaytesting equipment is the best as it is reliable and very user friendly. There are other manufacturers too and before deciding on one, you may wish to test it. We offer electrical test equipment rentaland lease services for the same. And then, if you do decided to buy the equipment, we also offer retail services.