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Protection for Electrical Components

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As current flows through a conductor, it always generates heat. The greater the current flow, the hotter the conductor. When heat becomes excessive, it can damage electrical components and conductor insulation. This is why conductors have a rated continuous current-carrying capacity (“ampacity”). Over-current protection products, such as circuit breakers, protect conductors from excessive current flow. These protective devices keep the flow of current in a circuit at a safe level, thereby preventing the circuit conductors from overheating.

The Doble TR3100 Circuit Breaker Timer & Analyzer makes it easy for you to test the integrity of circuit breakers and prevent damage of electrical components. The Doble TR3100 measures mechanical motion and contact performance of dead-tank circuit breakers. Timing tests are performed on main contacts, resistor switches and auxiliary contacts. The Doble TR3100 also measures travel and velocity, insertion resistor values and grading capacitor values.

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