Protect Your Investment with Relay Test Set

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Prevent electrical system damage by utilizing a relay test set. This valuable electrical test equipment enables users to detect faults in relay switches that otherwise cannot be seen with just a visual inspection. By spotting issues early, minor problems can be resolved before they turn into big ones.

Properly maintaining relays is vital because they 
protect equipment from overloads that could lead to service interruption and expensive repair. Companies not only face technical issues caused by improper function of electrical equipment, but if a relay is not working at full capability, the possibility of worker injury looms should the apparatus completely fail during use. By simulating device operations under real life conditions, the relay testing set offers reliable results that show whether the system is performing correctly.

Two types of relay testing devices exist: the single phase and three phase systems. Single phase sets typically test single phase generational and interconnected relays while the three phase units perform testing for distance, differential, overvoltage and overcurrent relays depending on the individual models.

Here at Protec we offer several choices of Megger and Doble test for relays. You can obtain a rental quote for these relay testing systems from our knowledgeable support staff by submitting your request online or giving us a call at our 24 hour support line.