Protect with Relay Test Set

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Relays are powerful workhorses that utilize a small current to control much larger ones. As such, their condition can deteriorate over time for a variety of different factors including corrosive rust, carbon buildup or arcing that causes welded contacts. A relay test set is a very effective means for simulation testing of the relays to make sure they are in good working condition and performing correctly. Without regular diagnostics and close focus on relay performance, defects can cause major injury or complete equipment failure.

The Doble test set model F2700 provides high performance testing with voltage output of 300 AC volts. Its high accuracy and wide current range make it highly effective testing any type relay, meter or transducer. 

Megger test equipment offers the Megger SR98 Single Phase set as well as the Megger CB-832 circuit breaker and overload relay test set. Both units offer the reliability and accuracy of Megger with the CB832 capable of handling relays and circuit breakers with precision high current outputs up to 1000 amps. 

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