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Protect Vital Equipment with Doble Relay Testing

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If you are considering Doble relay testing systems, the Doble F6150 set provides three-phase testing with the added advantage of advanced software to assist users with managing data analysis. Having access to historical and comparative data can mean the difference when managers are seeking to make cost effective decisions.

In June of this year, Doble ProTest software database reached a record 1 million tests for different apparatus connecting through the data system. With tests complete on over a total of 900,000 transformers, circuit breakers and bushings in addition to 1.4 million tests on laboratory oil, the database offers critical information that allows for more thorough data analysis and evaluation.

Using the artificial intelligence of the FRANK engine named after Doble founder, Dr. Frank Doble, the advanced engine pulls information from the test database to make evaluating and analyzing test data quick and convenient. The more information that users have about this data, the more ready they are to make important decisions about their electrical equipment based on the combined test results of millions.

Protec offers short and long term rental of the F6150 and many other relay sets designed and manufactured by Doble including the single phase testers – F2253, F2500 and F2700. Learn more about our rental program by visiting our online catalog or giving our support line a call at (866) 352-5550.