Protec offers Time Domain Reflectometer Rentals

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A faulty cable can cause significant power losses in the electrical system and can be a source of fire. Testing cables can be difficult especially if it is several thousands of feet long. The best way to test for cable faults is by using a time domain reflectometer.

Power losses due to cable faults can put a serious dent to your operating budget. They can also cause injury or electrical fires. A good way of detecting cable faults is by using a TDR or a time domain reflectometer. It operates by sending a pulse through the cable. The speed is determined by its impedance and the insulators between the conductors. Cable faults will change the impedance of the cable and cause some of the pulse to be reflected back. To determine the distance of the reflection point, the time difference of the transmitted pulse and the reflected pulse is measured then multiplied by the speed of light and the velocity factor or the wave propagation speed.

Protec Equipment Resources offers TDRs like the Megger CFL510F for rent. We offer Megger test equipment and other high voltage test equipment from major brands. Give us a call and request for quotation on test equipment rental deals.