Protec Offers the Metrel 3103 1kV GigaOhmmeter for Rent

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Insulation of electrical equipment should always be checked periodically for signs of degradation. A deteriorating insulator can cause problems like increased power loss, overheating and arcing. This can affect other electrical components and shorten its operating life.

One of the most trusted insulation resistance testers is the Metrel 3103 GigaOhm 1 kV meter. This meter features three different test voltages to be able to test any type of insulator installation. It offers a wide resistance range of up to 2 GW which lets you measure small changes on the resistance of insulators. This is ideal for detecting signs of deterioration and preventing it from progressing. It has safety features like automatic discharge of tested equipment after each test and a system that warns you when high voltage is detected on the equipment being measured. This prevents accidents and injury during testing. It features an automatic compensation of test leads that offsets lead resistance giving you accurate measurements.

If you want to try the Metrel 3103 1kV insulation tester before buying, consider renting one fromProtec. This allows you to evaluate it and help you decide if it is a worthy investment. We also offer other Metrel test equipment and other high voltage test equipment from leading manufacturers.Contact us for more details on test equipment rental deals.