Protec Offers the High Voltage DTS-60D Oil Dierlectric Test Set for Rent

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When dielectric fluids in capacitors get contaminated, it can change the capacitance or cause the plates to short out. This can cause power losses and damage to the electrical components. This is why dielectric fluid testing is very important to detect faults that may lead to damage.

One of the most common causes of capacitor failures is contaminated insulation oil. This causes electricity to flow in between the plates and can short it out. Testing the dielectric’s breakdown voltage is very important to ensure that it is still within its normal operating limits. One of the most reliable testers commonly used by engineers and technicians is the High Voltage DTS-60D oil dielectric test set. It features a one-piece portable design which is ideal for field applications. It has a maximum voltage output of 60 kV with 500 V, 2000 V and 3000 V rise rates. It can test insulating oils according to IEC 156, ASTM D877 and D1816 specifications. It also has safety features like automatic shutdown, arc detection, Zero Start safety and test chamber interlocks.

If you are interested with the DTS-60D oil dielectric test set, consider renting it from Protec. We carry high voltage test equipment and other testers from major manufacturers. Contact us to discuss your test equipment rental options that meet your needs.