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Protec offers the Fluke 87-III Digital Multimeter for Rent

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Digital Multimeters are important tools in testing electrical devices because of its multi-function capabilities. It can measure voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and frequency. This is why electricians always carry this tester when conducting electrical tests or repairs.

The Fluke 87-III True RMS Multimeter is a popular tester used by technicians and electricians. It can measure DC voltages from 40 milli volts to 1000 volts and AC voltages from 400 milli volts to 1000 volts. Its AC and DC current measuring range is from 400 micro ampere to 10 amperes. It has a wide resistance measuring range of 400 ohms to 40 Megohms. This tester also has the capability to measure capacitances from 5 nanofarad to 5 microfarad. Fluke 87-III True RMS Multimeter has a large back-lit LCD with an improved viewing angle for clear readings even in dark environments. The backlight automatically turns off after 68 seconds to maximize battery efficiency. This tester is under Category III safety which can withstand over voltage transients of up to 8 kilo volts. 

If you want to try out the features of the Fluke 87-III Digital Multimeter, you can rent one fromProtec Equipment Resources. We also offer Fluke power testing tools and other high voltage test equipment from leading manufacturers. Give us a call for more details on our test equipment rentaldeals.