Protec Now Offers the Megger PMM-1 Power Multimeter For Rent

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The Megger PMM-1 Power Multimeter is a multi-function tester that measures AC/DC voltages, frequency, phase angle, power factor, power, reactive power and primary/secondary current of polyphase electrical systems. 

Megger_PmmThis tester features a tough and lightweight construction that makes it portable and allows it to handle  harsh conditions of field testing. It has the capability to measure and display multiple results of single and polyphase power systems making testing easy and fast. It has a very high input impedance of 1 MegaOhms which prevents it from loading down the test sample and affecting the readings. It also has three independent channels for both current and voltage. Operating this tester is easy because of its auto ranging function that reduces the need for setting the tester during testing. It can also measure harmonics up to the 49th. Its large back-lit LCD screen displays the results and also allows you to adjust the contrast according to your preference. You can also print test results using an external printer through its parallel port. This versatile tool is suitable for regular electrical maintenance inspections and emergency diagnostics.

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