Protec Now Offers Equipment from Rx Monitoring Services

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Protec Equipment Resources is proud to announce that we now offer top of the line equipment from Rx Monitoring Services, Inc. 

RX-MonitoringA recognized leader in monitoring power quality, wireless temperature and humidity, DC voltage and wireless and wired DC current probes.

Rx Monitoring Servces is an innovative company that sees Power Quality Monitoring as a service – not just a box! 


Power Quality Monitor

The Cx Monitor® is a power quality monitor adapted specifically for the needs of a commissioning agent.The monitor gathers all of the voltage and current data required for all of the commissioning tests as well as provides a means for gathering wireless T/H and DC voltage and Current data for one hundred (100) locations! The Cx Monitor® is equipped to simultaneously monitor in real time, voltage on ten (10) separate channels and current on five (5) separate channels. This is ideal for documenting the testing of generators, UPS’s and transfer switches.


RxMS Cx Monitor®


Rent the Cx Monitor and have the report written for you!  Ask about RxMS’s report writing service.

DC Current Probes (wireless and wired)

RxMS data logging tools are utilized to monitor multiple points in a system as well as the operating environment surrounding it.

RXm-2000aRxMS 2000A 2” ID Probe


RXm-4000aRxMS 4000A 4.5”x2.5” ID Probe

Clamp-on AC Current Probes

RXm-ACprobe_10aRxMS AC Current Probe 10A Clamp-On 0.75” Diameter


RXm-ACprobe_200aRxMS AC Current Probe 200A Clamp-On 0.75” Diameter

RXm-ACprobe_3000A-Rope 3,000A Rope


RXm-ACprobe_10000A-Rope10,000A Gen2 Rope

Wireless Host


DC Voltage Probe

RXm-DCcurrentprobeRxMS Wireless Communications Device



RxMS Wireless DC Voltage Probe

Wireless Temperature & Humidity Probe


RxMS Wireless Temperature and Humidity Probe

Wireless Channel Probe

The RxMS Wireless DCx 10 Channel Probe is a data logging tool that is utilized to monitor single 600V DC and 10 Channel 60V DC, allowing for 11 connections for up to 10 battery cells.

Rxm-DCxRxMS Wireless DCx 10 Channel Probe

With offices located in Texas, Illinois and New Jersey, each offering a full stocks of electrical test and measurement equipment, Protec can better serve your needs. 

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