Protec Features the Metrel 3200 10 kiloVolt Insulation Tester

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Insulators do not show obvious problems until they finally breakdown. That’s why it is recommended to test for faults regularly to prevent unexpected delays and possible damage to other equipment. An insulation tester helps determine if a certain insulator is still within its operating limits.

One of the widely used insulation testers is the Metrel 3200 10 kiloVolt insulation tester. This tester features a resistance measurement of up to 10 TerraOhms. This high resistance range makes it ideal for testing high voltage insulators in substations and industrial installations. It also has the capability to automatically calculate for the polarization index, dielectric absorption ratio and dielectric discharge of the insulator. It has an electromagnetic interference suppression system which helps minimize noise that might affect the test results. It gives you the option to work with test voltages from 500 Volts up to 10 kiloVolts DC at 25 Volts increments. This makes it flexible for testing most insulator installations. It is constructed using durable materials with CAT IV/600 Volts protection which makes it suitable for industrial applications.

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