Protec Equipment Resources: Renting Equipment First Before Investing In One

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Investing in high quality electrical test equipment is very important for any electrical repair service. It not only speeds up your diagnostics but also ensures you give high quality service to your clients. If you are planning on getting new tools but unsure on what equipment gives the best value for your money, you might want to consider renting first. 

Renting tools for evaluation is a great way for your electricians to try out advanced 
high voltage test equipment at minimal costs. You don’t want to buy a tool and regret it afterwards right? This service can help you determine if a certain tool like a circuit breaker timer is a worthy investment. If you do not like the model you rented, you can get another one for evaluation till you find the one that best suits your needs. You also only pay for the days you used the equipment. So if you tinkered with the tool for a day, you only pay for that day. It can save you the hassle of buying equipment and shipping it back because it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Protec provides high quality test equipment at rental rates you can afford. We offer a wide selection of tools to cater to your testing needs. Contact us for a list of our tools in our inventory.