Protec Equipment for Megger Pulsar Rental & Repair

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Efficiency testing of relays and relay contacts requires the use of a relay test set. This testing equipment basically mimics relay operation so that it ensures the relay is operating within normal ratings.

The reasons for relay failure vary; however, contacts tend to carbonize over time. This condition is due in part to arcing generated during current flow which causes kick back as the relay coil’s magnetic field collapses. Carbonization ultimately produces overheating and equipment failure. By regularly scheduling testing of the relays, companies are able to test contact efficiency and keep equipment operational with less breakdowns.

For reliable relay testing, those in the field know to use the Megger Pulsar 3 phase relay test set. Lightweight and easy to carry, this Megger meter comes in a rugged case to carry in tough conditions. With a 150VA power rating and customizable testing configuration, the unit delivers needed results without a large learning curve or hassle. Multiple types of relays may be tested using phase angle, frequency and waveforms. The system also allows for computer interfacing so that diagnostic testing and analysis of results can be accomplished remotely.

For Megger Pulsar rental & repair, you need look no further than Protec Equipment Resources. Our short and long term rental programs offer affordable full service delivered right to your door or site, and we keep equipment maintained and operational so you can focus on the job at hand. Give us a call today to learn more or submit your inquiry online to receive more information from one of our friendly Protec specialists.