Protec Can Reduce Your Maintence Costs with Test Equipment Outsourcing

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Reducing maintenance costs can significantly improve operational expenses. However, this doesn’t mean you should skip maintenance routines or use low quality equipment. You can cut costs but still keep your power facility in good condition by outsourcing test equipment.

Maintenance checks are usually conducted several times a month depending on the facility. It is more practical to rent testers than buy thousands of dollars worth of test equipment and only use them once or twice a month. Outsourcing equipment is also ideal for emergency situations like if your test equipment is not available and you need to diagnose a power problem. There are a lot of companies that offer test equipment rentals at reasonable rates. You can rent equipment for a few days or even weeks.  Most companies offer top testing equipment from major manufacturers like Doble test instruments, Megger tools, Hioki power testers, AEMC test equipment, 
Fluke power test instruments and more. This allows you to find the right test equipment depending on the application.

If you want to save money on maintenance costs, consider renting test equipment. Protec offers long-term and short-term rentals depending on your needs. Contact us today for a complete list of test instruments for rent.