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Protec, a Reliable Vanguard Test Equipment Rental Provider

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When a fuse blows, replacing it can take a lot of time and effort. That’s why most people nowadays use circuit breakers instead. Circuit breakers are wonderful devices because they can be reset with a flick of a switch in case it “blows” due to an overload. It is important to regularly check the condition of circuit breakers because if they are faulty and do not trip during an overload, your electrical system can get seriously damaged.

Vanguard CT-6500 Circuit Breaker Timer and Analyzer is one of the reliable testers you might want to check out. This tester has all of the test functions you need to effectively diagnose circuit breaker problems. It has the capability to simultaneously monitor three circuit breaker poles and has three channels for measuring stroke, velocity, bounce-back and travel. The CT-6500circuit breaker timer and analyzer can be operated stand-alone or by a computer through RS-232 or USB. Test results can be printed through its integrated thermal printer in graphic or tabular form.

If you are looking for a reliable equipment rental provider of Vanguard test equipment, you might want to consider Protec Equipment Resources. If you need more details about our services, contact Protec today.