Products and Services by HV Diagnostics Inc.

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HV Diagnostics provides sophisticated, field-proven, and trustworthy test equipment that is known for its world-class quality and accuracy. The company manufactures devices which are used in the following areas

•    Relay testing and diagnostic systems
•    Cable testing
•    Cable fault location
•    HV DC Hipots
•    Oil test equipment

The company makes a wide range of testers like transformers testers HV AC/DC testers. High voltage may prove catastrophic for many electrical devices and the HVA90 is an ultimate 4 in 1 HV test instrument that tests high voltages.  Complete technical support is provided to the customers, and in case they need any technical assistance they may setup the remote support session. The company is the world leader in making top quality electrical test equipment.  The services provided by the company include

•    Finding cable faults (especially the difficult to locate cable faults) on cables of various sizes and types.
•    Diagnostic testing of the cables using 0.1 Hz current
•    DC and AC Hipot testing

We provide test equipment on rent and you can take advantage of our services in times of need. It is better to get electrical test equipment rental instead of actually purchasing these costly devices.