Problems You May Encounter Due to Poor Power Quality

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Neglecting a power line polluted with power variations and harmonics can cause a lot of trouble in a building. It is important to improve power quality to reduce its bad effects on your system and equipment. Below are some of the common problems caused by poor power quality.

Data Corruption or Equipment Damage
Small computer networks are sensitive to voltage variations because computer chips operate at 3.3 or 5 volts for logic levels. Voltage spikes or harmonics can cause corruption of transmitted data. They can also lock up your network or make business resources not available. The worst thing that can happen to your equipment is for it to get damaged if there isn’t enough protection against voltage variations.

Malfunction of Protective Devices
Circuit breakers can inadvertently trip due to leakage currents, harmonics or spikes reaching the threshold trip level. There’s also a possibility that the breaker malfunctions due to distortion and doesn’t trip when it needs to.