Preventive Maintenance on Your Transformer with the Raytech WR50-12 Saves Time, Effort and Money

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Distribution transformers are often subjected to vibration, overloading, electrical spikes and weathering, resulting in the deterioration
of the connections and the windings. Therefore, it is a good idea to carry out preventive maintenance checks to catch problems early, saving time, effort and money.

Measuring winding resistance is a test carried out on transformers for preventive maintenance. This test helps determine if the connections are correct, and that no severe mismatches or opens on the windings exist.

Raytech WR50-12 Two Channel Winding Resistance Test SetWhen choosing a winding resistance tester, it is important to know the capabilities of the device. The Raytech WR50-12 Two Channel Winding Resistance Test Set offers a high output current and longer test leads, and is ideal for testing large transformers that need a higher test current. The Raytech WR50-12 Two Channel Winding Resistance Test Set also allows PC connectivity for transferring data to a computer.

– Touch screen UI
– Charge inductive loads up to 1500 Henry
– Data exchange through a USB drive
– Dual channels for resistance measurement and temperature
– 50 Amperes output
– Variable test voltage from 0 to 30 volts
– Demagnetizing circuit
– Discharge indicator
– Emergency stop button 
– Built-in printer
– Internal storage that can store 10000 test results
– Can measure resistance from 0.00 Ohms up to 100 kiloOhms
– Battery operated
– USB and RS232 connectivity
– Included accessories
   – 10-meter current and potential leads
   – Manual
   – 10-meter jumper cable

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