Preventing Electrical Problems with Power Quality Analysis

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Harmonics are often found in an electrical system carrying alternating current. These are often caused by the RLC characteristics of the electrical components or devices connected to the circuit. The RLC values cause the current to resonate or distort the waveform which result in the generation of frequency multiples of the fundamental frequency. Harmonics can cause a lot of problems in a system and have to be suppressed. Other power variations like spikes, sags and dips also cause equipment failures.

The common sources of harmonics in an electrical system are mercury arc rectifiers, ballasts and SMPS. Some test equipment like RMS-calibrated multi-meters often malfunction when measuring power on a polluted power line. This happens because a distorted power line has several harmonics and zero crossing points which results to inaccurate measurements. 

To help correct power quality problems, you need to use good power quality analyzers to determine the right correction needed. You might want to consider getting a Dranetz or Hioki power quality analyzers. These tools have been the industry standard in power quality analysis due to their superb features and reliability.

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