Preventing Electrical Hazards with the High Voltage ALT 120/60 Hipot Tester

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Bad insulation can cause electrical shocks to personnel or may damage other components in your electrical system. An AC hipot detects problems with insulation by applying a very high potential on the conductor and measuring the leakage current flowing on the insulator. A good insulator should be able to tolerate over voltages for a short period of time.

The High Voltage ALT 120/60 is a hipot tester that has a dual tap voltage output of 120 kilo volts and 60 kilo volts. The 120 kilo Volt is terminated on the top toroid while the 60 kilo Volt is terminated on its side tap. It has a built-in voltmeter that ranges from 0-30/60/120 kilo Volts AC. It has a load rating of 7 kVA for one hour on, two hours off and continuously on 4kVA. This tester is designed to test aerial lifts and other electrical components. It is designed to be tough, reliable and has advanced features not found on other hipot testers.

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