Preventative Test Equipment for Maintaining Electrical Equipment

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Performing preventative maintenance is a needed tool in today’s high tech electrical equipment operation. Without regularly scheduled diagnostics, sensitive equipment is likely to disrupt company operations by breaking down and requiring days to repair or completely failing and having to be replaced. In either scenario, businesses can lose valuable time and money because of an inability to service clients or keep operations running smoothly.

Of the many types of testing equipment that might be used to keep equipment functioning correctly, three specific models come to mind as needed for successful preventative maintenance: the circuit breaker test set, DLRO and the relay test set.

Circuit Breaker Test Set

Testing circuit breakers requires a test set that can handle monitoring and diagnosing danger overload conditions. A breaker shuts down a current that is running through a wire or cable when it is overloaded due to various problems within the electrical system. An example of circuit breaker test sets would be the 
Electrical Test Instruments Model PI5000 set.

digital low resistance ohmmeter or DLRO is used for cables or circuit breakers to find faults and changes to currents. We provide models from such makers as Megger, Doble and Raytech DLRO Micro Junior. 

Relay Test Sets
The relay test set can also be used for fault detection and circuit breaker testing. They measure whether relay switches are operating normally. The Megger CB-832 circuit breaker and overload relay test set is a good example of units available for any test maintenance job.

You can rent all three of these testers through our rental program. We offer both short and long term plans that are affordable and delivered right to your site, calibrated and ready to go. Give us a call to obtain a rental quote on the equipment you need or submit your inquiry online so that our customer care staff can contact you with pricing.