Prevent Power Semiconductor Failure with the Larkin M3K

Larkin_M3KA Power Semiconductor could fail, or degrade, for a number of different reasons, mechanical or electrical. Some failures can easily be prevented with proper service, maintenance, and handling. Others are impossible to prevent, since they are inherent with the system where they are installed.

Common Reasons for Failures


• Transients on the electrical power feed

• Faulty, or wrong, replacement component installed

• Surface leakage due to dirty components

• Low resistance/short in device controlled by the component


• Mishandling of component

• Shipping damage

• Improper installation


The Larkin  Power Semiconductor Tester – Model M3K can test forward or reverse leakage currents at voltages up to 3300V – Designed for testing High Voltage Rectifier Diodes, SCRs/Thyristors, and Power Modules (including IGBTs and Darlington Transistors.

Larkin M3K Features

• Components are tested for forward and reverse leakage current at voltages up to 3300V.

• Tests components according to JEDEC JC-22 and EIA RS-397 test standards.

• Oscilloscope output provides the ability to observe the Voltage/Current curve on a X-Y oscilloscope.

• Gate Voltage/Current to trigger is tested and displayed on the panel meters.

• Short current limited to 20mA for operator safety

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